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Open Innovation Calls

WeldGalaxy will launch 2 Open Calls (OICs) to select up to 25 Open Innovation Pilots [OIPs]. Those Pilots will participate as beta testers of the WeldGalaxy platform to help in creating the market proof to test the ‘online welding equipment and consumables platform’.


▪ 1st OPEN CALL was closed in Q2 2020: see the list of winners here

▪ 2nd OPEN CALL is open by 29th April: Apply here:


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Click here to enter the Open Call website:


Our goal is to:

Fund 25 Open Innovation Pilots [OIPs] among European SMEs and MidCaps through 2 Open Call rounds in 2020 with a total amount of 2.5M€.

The selected pilots will become part of an exclusive 6 month WeldGalaxy Training Program which includes:

  • Technical support from industry experts from TWI
  • Business Mentoring from Fundingbox
  • Up to €100k funding per pilot
  • WeldGalaxy platform account
  • Demonstration facilities
  • Media exposure
  • Access to private and public funding 


Who can apply?

We are looking for efficient and cost-effective arc welding methods to weld different materials with different geometries and thicknesses. The innovation should be shown in terms of equipment, consumables and/or welding processes.

Proposals can be submitted by a single applicant (SME or MidCap) or consortium of two or more of the below-listed types of entities.

Consortia applying to the call must include at least one Manufacturing SME or MidCap.

  • Production equipment suppliers, manufacturing SMEs or MidCaps that provide production equipment/technology products and services.
  • Technology suppliers and/or System Integrators, SMEs/midcaps that can offer additional application(s) or service(s) on top of the WeldGalaxy platform.
  • End Users: SMEs/MidCaps that use welding as a means of joining materials in a fabrication process
  • Research/non-industrial legal entities (i.e. research centers, universities, Competence Centres), with relevant expertise that can provide innovative solutions to the WeldGalaxy platform together with the industrial partners

What is the selection process?

The selection  of the open call proposals will be carried out in a two-step process. Step one will involve external evaluation to assess the proposal according to the criteria. Step two will involve the WeldGalaxy consortium to prioritize the proposals based on the external evaluation result, the expected impact, the project resources requested, and coverage of the objectives of the WeldGalaxy project.