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Winners of Second WeldGalaxy Open Call Confirmed

Wed, 21 July, 2021

The winners of the second WeldGalaxy Open Call have been confirmed.

The submission deadline for proposals was in April 2021, with 29 proposals being submitted from which 27 were deemed to be eligible. Of these, 15 were selected for financial support and invited to sign a sub grant agreement.

With requested funding for the selected experiments reaching €1.5m, the WeldGalaxy consortium was seeking proposals for innovation in arc welding.

Funded through the Horizon 2020 European Commission innovation programme and led by TWI Ltd, the WeldGalaxy project aims to create a knowledge based B2B arc welding marketplace that will help users select the correct processes, consumables and equipment, while also streamlining inventory management and collaborating with manufacturers to design and test new products that meet their needs.

The 15 selected proposals are as follows:

  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Automatic assignment of customer-specific welding parameters based on a CAD model using Artificial Intelligence models (Llewelyn). Companies: Oqton Belgium NV (Belgium), Steyaert-Heene (Belgium), Belgian Welding Institute (Belgium)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Validating the Automatic Orbital Welding Droid (AOWD). Companies: Weldingdroid ApS (Denmark), Engicon NV (Geldof) (Belgium), GPI Tanks B.V. (Netherlands)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Responding to steel manufacturing needs, a new efficient chemistry-tailored wire cladding system on 4% dilution and 7 kg/h will be developed (WIRED). Companies: Welding Alloys Ltd (United Kingdom)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Intelligent inspection for arc welding process monitoring (iSPARC). Companies: i3D Robotics Limited (United Kingdom)
  1. Project Title and Acronym: Intuitive no-code programming solution for cost effective robot welding (SmoothTool). Companies: Smooth Robotics ApS (Denmark), DanRobotics A/S (Denmark), KUKA Nordic AB (Sweden)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Automatized Teach-In of Arc Welding Robots by a Machine Learning-based Process Miner (ArcMiner). Companies: Pumacy Technologies AG (Germany), Arend Automation GmbH (Germany)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Ubiquity in Weld Monitoring Data, Automated Remote Authentication of Inspection Data (AMV_ Cloud). Companies: Triton Electronics Ltd (United Kingdom), Obynote Limited (United Kingdom)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: A robotic welding system with advanced machine vision, machine learning and IoT solution, to perform autonomous welding of electrode casing (WelderMate). Companies: Momek Invest AS (Norway), Momek Services AS (Norway), Pioneer Robotics AS (Norway), Applica Robot Integration AS (Norway), Elkem Carbon AS (Norway)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: RoboWeldAR is an innovative, self-navigating robotic welding solution that will revolutionize the ship new building and repair industry (RoboWeldAR). Companies: IKnowHow SA (Greece), Carell SA (Greece)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Hyperbaric automated arc welding for wet assets to save time, costs and increase safety (HYROWELD). Companies: DCN Diving BV (Netherlands), Automatic Welding Solutions B.V. (Netherlands)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Enhancing welding capabilities with remote manipulation using the MAGOS Platform; Fast, with Safety and Accuracy (EDISON). Companies: Probot Oy (Finland) Quanta and Qualia (Greece)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Deep Learning framework for defect detection based on Automated Ground Truth Annotation of X-Ray weld images (Anno4Weld). Companies: StreamOwl Private Company (Greece)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: A modular, flexible, scalable and industry-ready solution for the inspection and process control of arc welding based upon AI (IAWI). Companies: Claret S.r.l. (Italy), Astroflex S.p.a. (Italy)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Optimized Parametrization for Robotic Galvanized Piping Welding (GalvaWeld) Companies: Riduba, Serv. À Indústria, Constr. Mecânicas, Mecano-Soldadura, Lda (Portugal)
  1. Pilot Title and Acronym: Automated and Flexible Arc Welding Systems for Shipbuilding (FLEXYWELD). Companies: TREESSE S.R.L. (Italy), COMAU S.P.A. (Italy)

We would like to thank all of the companies and organisations that submitted proposals and congratulate the 15 successful pilots.


The WeldGalaxy project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 822106