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WeldGalaxy Project Recognised by European Innovation Radar

Mon, 22 June, 2020

The WeldGalaxy project coordinated by TWI, which is funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, has been analysed by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar and recognised as being ‘business ready.’

The Innovation Radar is a support initiative that focuses on the identification of high-potential innovations in H2020 projects and the key organization in delivering these innovations to the market.

The WeldGalaxy B2B online platform has been found to address the needs of existing markets. The Innovation Radar identified TWI Ltd as a “key innovator” in the development of the project, which is now due to be added to over 3600 other projects that appear on the European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform.

The platform aims to make details of EU-funded innovations visible and accessible to the public in order to demonstrate the technological and scientific advances that are being delivered by researchers and innovators around Europe.

WeldGalaxy is a knowledge based B2B online platform that unites global buyers with EU sellers of welding equipment, consumables, accessories and services. The WeldGalaxy platform includes tools that streamline equipment and consumable selection for end users to create a ‘plug and produce’ solution for customers, while ensuring requirements and regulatory compliance are met. The project will also fund 25 Open Innovation Pilots [OIPs] among European SMEs and MidCaps through two open call rounds in 2020 with a total amount of 2.5M€. The selected pilots will participate as beta testers of the WeldGalaxy platform to help in creating the market proof to test the ‘online welding equipment and consumables platform.’

You can find out more about WeldGalaxy here.



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Grant agreement 822106