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WeldGalaxy Hosts Open Innovation Pilots Welcome Event

Mon, 05 October, 2020

WeldGalaxy is a knowledge based B2B online platform that aims to bring together global buyers and EU sellers of arc welding equipment and consumables, along with accessories and services.

WeldGalaxy incorporates a Knowledge Based Engineering Tool that will streamline equipment and consumables selection process for end-users allowing plug and produce’ digital manufacturing using the right process and equipment to specified customers’/end users’ requirements and regulatory compliance.

The platform will enable:

  • Transparency of product features, capabilities, resource use, associated add-on services
  • Customer feedback, real-time use feedback (anonymised as needed) and associated options
  • Scalability with respect to technological development and manufacturing application domains
  • Information about standards and regulatory compliance (e.g. environmental and safety requirements

The Open Innovation Calls (OICs) to select up to 25 Open Innovation Pilots (OIPs) is a unique opportunity funded by WeldGalaxy to allow selected pilots to  participate as beta testers of the WeldGalaxy platform to help in creating the market proof of the ‘online welding equipment and consumables platform.’

The first round of calls was launched earlier this year in March 2020. The call was aimed at  arc welding equipment and consumable suppliers, technology suppliers and/or system integrators, end users including SMEs and Mid-Caps that use arc welding to join materials in their manufacturing process as well as research/non-industrial legal entities that could provide innovative solutions to improve the WeldGalaxy platform in co-operation with the WeldGalaxy partners. Thirty four innovative arc welding proposals from 19 European countries were received that were later evaluated by an expert panel to select 10 winners who will receive the exclusive 6-month WeldGalaxy Support Programme with available funding of almost 100,000 Euros each.

WeldGalaxy hosts welcome event for OIPs

A welcome event was hosted by WeldGalaxy on 5 October 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was an online session that attracted participation of representatives from the pilots and members of the WeldGalaxy consortium. The event included introductory presentations about the WeldGalaxy platform and the pilots, mentoring plan and guidance on integration of OIPs into the WeldGalaxy platform.

The event kick-starts an exciting chapter for WeldGalaxy. The OIP implementation plan will include individual mentoring of the pilots, by experts from TWI, to ensure a tangible outcome for the project objectives.