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WeldGalaxy DLT platform

Tue, 28 April, 2020

To deliver its wide range of features and services, the WeldGalaxy platform incorporates, apart from the traditional Web-based services that implement analytics/machine learning, welding process simulations, Knowledge-Based Engineering, and a chatbot, also a dedicated decentralized blockchain (DLT) sub-platform component. The purpose of the WeldGalaxy DLT platform is to decentralize business processes and workflows that take place among welding industry actors, thus facilitating trust, seamless data sharing, efficiency, traceability, auditability as well as obtaining other benefits of blockchain.

The use of DLT alleviates the need for a prior relationship of trust between the parties, automating and streamlining the processes and expanding the range of organizations that can do business with each other. An additional use of DLT is keeping track and notarizing events, such as submission of documents, the achievement of contractual milestones, etc., in a way that is credible to all the involved organizations.

The DLT solution for WG is projected to use intensely self-sovereign apps ( SSApps) as a more sophisticated replacement regarding the protection of data  from decentralized apps (DApps) from other blockchain solutions. A SSApp are created to help the transition from some degree of decentralization to a high level of distribution. When each user owns and physically (by encryption) control their data (it is self-sovereign) the vision of really distributed applications becomes a reality.

Weldgalaxy blockchain uses self-sovereign apps  (SSApp) to facilitate various business processes identified within the consortium as automated tender offers, industrial solutions solicitation, and management of certification of conformance to industry standards. 

The Component diagram below presents the SSApps developed in order to facilitate the business processes mentioned before. Each SSApp represents a functional specification of the overall blockchain system. There are ten SSApps with specific functional requirements. The lines between different SSApps in the Component diagram figure indicate their connectivity and dependencies. 

The central SSApp MyKeys is connected with all the other applications. It is used to store the secret keys of the users and gives the right of signature. 

The following SSApps: Tenders Offers, Bids, and Opportunities grouped together create the Tender application which facilitates the automated tender offer business process, while industrial solutions solicitation use case is facilitated by an application composed on three SSapps named for the moment Solicitations, Solutions and Challenges. ISO3834, ISO9001, and GroupWork are the SSApps for ISO9001 certification use case and certification of compliance with ISO3834 series standards. They are grouped in one app named Standard Certification app.