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WeldGalaxy: B2B Online Platform For Welding,1299,0,38

Tue, 26 March, 2019

Project WeldGalaxy will develop a B2B online digital platform that brings together global buyers and EU sellers (including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers) of welding equipment along with auxiliaries/consumables and services, thereby enhancing the visibility of EU’s welding products/prototypes/services to global users (via digital marketing strategies) and providing innovative web-based services (e.g. equipment selection and inventory management, digital design/testing of equipment capabilities) to boost EU market share and competitiveness. The digital platform will incorporate KBE tool that streamlines equipment selection process for end-users, and allows ‘plug and produce’ digital manufacturing of the right equipment to specified customers’/end-users’ requirements and regulatory compliance. 

WeldGalaxy Services

Digital B2B platform

WeldGalaxy will create a secure, scalable, user-friendly and transparent digital B2B platform that connects end-users with equipment and consumables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and technology providers. Based on a Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM) structure, the WeldGalaxy digital platform will be integrated to a dynamic evolving database with relevant data from equipment and consumables manufacturers that will dynamically evolve as the usage of the platform grows.

Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) tool

Knowledge Based Engineering is an innovative method for design automation, which captures and reuses product and process knowledge, allowing businesses to rapidly develop products.

WeldGalaxy will include a web-based KBE system that allows designers/manufacturers and end-users/customers to visualise and analyse the design process with the help of simulation tools and life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA). 


WeldGalaxy will develop a chatbot as part of the help functionality to enable ease of access to information.


WeldGalaxy will be a DLT-based vehicle for connecting/merging the European welding industry to Digital Single Market. It is the industry’s first attempt to use the most advanced digital inclusion technology – Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) for welding.

Computational welding mechanics

WeldGalaxy platform will contain powerful simulation capabilities which will enable users to simulate the welding process at both micro- and macro levels. It will also provide coded models including material models, microstructure evolution models, weld pool material models, surface property models and welding heat source models.

Open Innovation Calls

The project will involve Financial Support to Third Parties [FSTP]. To this end, a robust process has been defined to select 25 Experiments (stated as initial objective) by launching 2 Open Calls along the project. There will be one Open Call per year,once the platform is ready for testing.

To find out more about the project, download the 1st issue of the WeldGalaxy Newsletter:

Weld Galaxy Newsletter_issue 1 v1 - pdf - 1mb