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DKM platform – The crucial piece of the WeldGalaxy Jigsaw

Fri, 01 November, 2019

The WeldGalaxy platform is based on a Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM) structureꟷ a web-based application that manages the WeldGalaxy database (WGDB).

DKM – Making sense out of data

DKM is a virtual business hive providing an interactive operation and market space. An easy to use web-based system, DKM provides an intuitive and novel way of viewing data ꟷ an openness towards all kinds of digital knowledge representation including pictures, videos, regulation updates, interoperability services, maps and even small applications (plug-in) which introduce dynamic inputs.

Why DKM?

One of the implications in digitilizing and creating an open platform for manufacturers and end-user in the welding industries is the need to be able to convert historical data, various specifications and local knowledge to practical operational actions that provide the capability to conduct open simulations, analytics, and yield qualitative results. DKM’s multi-dimensional approach to knowledge build-up is a unique state of the art solution, which covers the welding operational aspects of manufacturers and end-users needs to comply with this. Within WeldGalaxy, the DKM platform with collaborative digital design/testing/development will enable:

  • Manufacturers/end-users to digitally test the capabilities of equipments on offer, check for equipment requirements, compatibility and compliance with standards and regulations, thereby facilitating ‘Plug and Produce’
  • Services such as rapidly design/redesign (digitally) new innovative equipment meeting customers’ evolving needs, testing, inspection, training, etc.

About DKM

The Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM) platform is a TRL 9 commercial product of EKON ( Ekon Modeling Software Systems Ltd (EKON) is part of the WeldGalaxy consortium.