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Weldgalaxy newsletter - Issue 2

22nd November 2019


Weldgalaxy consortium is pleased to share the 2 issue of its newsletter. Find out about our team and progress in this issue. Click here to download.

Discover Weldgalaxy

23rd October 2019


WeldGalaxy provides a B2B online platofrm for the welding industry. Click on the video and find out more about our Knowledgebased approach, data later, KBE and LCA tool, Chatbot, DLT, modelling and Open Innovation calls.

Weldgalaxy: the blockchain component

11th October, 2019

To deliver its wide range of features and services, WeldGalaxy platform incorporates, apart from the traditional Web-based services that implement analytics/machine learning, welding process simulations, Knowledge-Based Engineering and a chatbot, also a dedicated decentralized blockchain (DLT) sub-platform component. The purpose of the WeldGalaxy DLT platform is to decentralize business processes and workflows that take place among welding industry actors, thus facilitating trust, seamless data sharing,efficiency, traceability, auditability as well as obtaining other benefits of blockchain. The use of DLT alleviates the need for prior relationship of trust between the parties, automating and streamlining the processes and expanding the range of organizations that can do business with each other. An additional use of DLT is keeping track and notarizing events, such as submission of documents, achievement of contractual milestones etc., in a way that is credible to all the involved organizations. The DLT solution for WG is projected to use intensely self sovereign apps(SSApps) as a more sophisticated replacement regarding the protection of data from decentralised apps (DApps) from other blockchain solutions. SSApp are created to help the transition from some degree of decentralization to a high level of distribution. When each user owns and physically (by encryption) control their data (it is self sovereign) the vision of really distributed applications become a reality. Weldgalaxy blockchain uses self sovereign apps (SSApp) to facilitate various business processes identified within the consortium as automated tender offers, industrial solutions solicitation and management of certification of conformance to industry standards. Each SSApp represents a functional specification of the overall blockchain system. There are ten SSApps with specific functional requirements. The lines between different SSApps in the Component diagram figure indicate their connectivity and dependencies. The central SSApp MyKeys is connected with all the other applications. It is used to store the secret keys of the users and gives the right of signature. The following SSApps: Tenders Offers, Bids and Opportunities grouped together create the Tender application which facilitates the automated tender offer business process, while industrial solutions solicitation use case is facilitated by an application composed on three SSapps named for the moment Solicitaions, Solutions and Challenages. ISO3834, ISO9001 and GroupWork are the SSApps for ISO9001 certification use case and certification of compliance with ISO3834 series standards. They are grouped in one app named Standard Certification app.

                                                           Author: Ana Balan, Product Manager, Romsoft.

Weldgalaxy @CAE Conference, Vicenza, Italy.

28th August, 2018

WeldGalaxy project will present ongoing results, Highly visible and transparent knowledge-based B2B online platform for the welding sector, in the Manufacturing Session, Tuesday 29 October 2019 @ 11:40.

Join us for our talk and/or visit us at our booth to discuss, share opportunities and learn about our project and open call initiatives

Bi-Annual Consortium Meeting


22 May, 2019


Cambridge, UK

WeldGalaxy hosted its 2nd all consortium meeting at its partner site in Lulea University, Sweden. The 2-day meeting was the 7th monthly review of the project progress across all WPs, risk management and strategic planning of upcoming activities.

WeldGalaxy Platform: A secured Marketplace for exchanging welding materials and knowledge


23 APRIL, 2019


Cambridge, UK
WeldGalaxy is a novel B2B marketplace targeting the Welding industry and based on EKON's flagship DKM platform. The DKM provides a flexible and feature-rich dynamic knowledge ecosystem where multiple suppliers of welding material and knowledge services will join to focus on creating value for their customers. Unparallel expertise from a group of 6 European partners is taking the DKM platform to a marketplace ecosystem that will highly improve the customer experience in the welding domain. In WeldGalxy we will integrate innovative services based on state-of-the-art technologies such as AI Chatbot, advanced Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE), Analytics, Simulations and blockchain enabled secured automatic tender creation. To provide a secure advanced distributed development and platform environment, we have developed EIS (EKON Identity Service) for the WeldGalaxy platform. EIS is based on IdentityServer4 framework (officially certified), which provides OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Authorization & Authentication framework. Based on Identity Server 4, Open Source, the DKM EIS provides:

 • Authentication as a Service: Centralized login logic and workflow for all of your applications (web, native, mobile, services). EIS provides an implementation of OAuth2, OpenID Connect.

• Single Sign-on / Sign-out: Single sign-on (and out) over multiple application types.

• Access Control for APIs: Issue access tokens for APIs for various types of clients, e.g. server to server, web applications, SPAs, and native/mobile apps.

• Federation Gateway: Support for external identity providers like Azure Active Directory, Google, Facebook, etc. This shields your applications from the details of how to connect to these external providers.

• Focus on Customization: many aspects of EIS will be customized to fit project needs.

EKON achievement in developing the EIS has enabled the possibility of start the WeldGalaxy`s components integration in a secured manner. Moreover, this effort has underpinned the flexibility for a distributed software development for the different partners located through different locations in Europe. Moving forward with our development, EKON is developing a decoupled and distributed web-API broker, allowing secured and well-defined interfaces between the various components and the DKM. More to come soon!

Author: Espen Kon, CEO at EKON Modelling Software Systems Ltd.

Weldgalaxy newsletter - Issue 1

WG Newsletter.jpg.png

26 March, 2019

Cambridge, UK

WeldGalaxy is pleased to publish its first issue of Newsletter. The issue highlights the project, meet the partners and events. Click here to download

DKM platform – The crucial piece of the WeldGalaxy Jigsaw

Dec 11, 2018

Cambridge, UK

The WeldGalaxy platform is based on a Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM) structureꟷ a web-based application that manages the WeldGalaxy database (WGDB).

 DKM – Making sense out of data

DKM is a virtual business hive providing an interactive operation and market space. An easy to use web-based system, DKM provides an intuitive and novel way of viewing data ꟷ an openness towards all kinds of digital knowledge representation including pictures, videos, regulation updates, interoperability services, maps and even small applications (plug-in) which introduce dynamic inputs.

Why DKM?

One of the implications in digitilizing and creating an open platform for manufacturers and end-user in the welding industries is the need to be able to convert historical data, various specifications and local knowledge to practical operational actions that provide the capability to conduct open simulations, analytics, and yield qualitative results. DKM’s multi-dimensional approach to knowledge build-up is a unique state of the art solution, which covers the welding operational aspects of manufacturers and end-users needs to comply with this. Within WeldGalaxy, the DKM platform with collaborative digital design/testing/development will enable:

• Manufacturers/end-users to digitally test the capabilities of equipments on offer, check for equipment requirements, compatibility and compliance with standards and regulations, thereby facilitating ‘Plug and Produce’

• Services such as rapidly design/redesign (digitally) new innovative equipment meeting customers’ evolving needs, testing, inspection, training, etc.

About DKM

The Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM) platform is a TRL 9 commercial product of EKON (

weldgalaxy @ TWI Annual Digital Manufacturing Conference

Nov 09, 2018

Cambridge, UK

The WeldGalaxy consortium is pleased to announce its partcipation in the upcoming Annual Digital Manufacturing Conference hosted by TWI on 28th November at their Granta park site.  Join us for our talk 'TWI - WeldGalaxy project review' and find out more about our B2B digital platform for welding.

The consortium will then meet for a 2-day knowledge exchange workshop that will focus on the recent developments and applications of the various welding processes and data standards in welding.

WeldGalaxy: A digital & dynamic knowledge platform for welding industries


OCt 16, 2018

Cambridge, UK

WeldGalaxy, an international and collaborative initiative to create a digital B2B online platform that connects global buyers with the EU sellers of welding equipment and consumables, officially kicked-off on 4th October 2018. The consortium, led by TWI Ltd as the coordinator, comprises 11 members including SME’s and research organisations across Europe. This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Innovation action Lump Sum program.

Welding is a classical industrial domain with extensive involvement in manufacturing — making significant economic contribution to national economies. A dynamic knowledge management platform with an innovative evolving database integrated with smart function analytics and AI, can significantly benefit the manufacturing technology. “Our goal is to create a highly visible and transparent digital B2B online platform that connects end-users with equipment and consumables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and technology and service providers”, says Geoff Melton, of TWI LTD, who is the coordinator of the project. As a key participant, TWI will provide its legacy data on welding for the WeldGalaxy database (WGDB) development, population and data modelling.

The WeldGalaxy platform will underpin progress in endeavours to enhance the visibility of EU’s welding products, prototypes and services to global users via digital marketing strategies, provide innovative web-based services to boost EU market share and competitiveness, and enable plug and produce digital manufacturing of the right equipment to specified customers/end-users requirements and regulatory compliance.

Developing and demonstrating a digital platform for welding domain

WeldGalaxy aims to bring together EU suppliers of welding equipment/consumables and global end-users of welding equipment by providing a secure, trustworthy and transparent platform for collaborations.  Its Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) tool, will facilitate digital testing of the equipment and compliance to standards, guiding equipment selection — supporting digital plug and produce. The project will also facilitate support 3rd party projects through open-innovation competitions.

“Weldgalaxy brings together a number of digital technologies, such as dynamic knowledge management, block chain, knowledge based engineering and chatbots” says Geoff. “These need to be integrated and configured to provide a platform that meets the needs of the welding industry”.

About WeldGalaxy

WeldGalaxy partners include TWI (UK), FundingBox Accelerator (Poland), Lulea Tekniska Universitet (Sweden), Ekon Modeling Software Systems Ltd (Israel), Romsoft SRL (Romania), Flowphys AS (Norway), Technovative Solutions Ltd (UK), Arteevo Technologies Ltd (Israel), Aeonx AI (France), University of Leicester (UK), University Politechnca de Madrid (Spain).


This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Innovation action Lump Sum program, Grant agreement number 822106.

Successful project Kickoff

Weld Galaxy Logo.png

OCt 5, 2018

WeldGalaxy, an international initiative to build a Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries, was offically kicked-off on 4th October 2018. The one-and-half day meeting was hosted by the project coordinator TWI in Cambridge and was attended by representatives across the consortium. The meeting featured presenttaions from partners followed by the release of the visual identity of the project, the project logo.