Objective and Impacts

Objective and Impacts


WeldGalaxy aims to create a transparent digital B2B online platform that connects end-users with equipment & consumables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and technology and service providers

Our specific objectives are:

  • Development of a secure, high-performance and scalable online equipment platform for manufacturing.
  • Facilitate ‘plug and produce’ to allow users to digitally test the capabilities of equipment and their compliance to standards.
  • Support secure and trustworthy customer feedback, real-time use feedback (anonymised as needed) and associated options, as well as accommodate smart contracts.
  • Support digital testing and digital model functional and system simulation.
  • Support transparency of product features, capabilities, resource use, associated add-on services and price.
  • Enable scaling to other manufacturing application domains after end of project.

Our Impacts

Welding is a classical industrial domain with extensive involvement in manufacturing — making significant economic contribution to national economies. A dynamic knowledge management platform with an innovative evolving database integrated with smart function analytics and AI, can significantly benefit the manufacturing technology.

The WeldGalaxy platform will be based on, an existing advanced dynamic knowledge management platform, which will be extended and enhanced with powerful Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) tools, AI/machine learning, DLT/Blockchain technology, smart contracts, multi-physics simulations, system simulations, and meta-modelling. The platform will be adaptable and scalable and can be can be used and/or easily transferred to many different industrial equipment domains.

Our specific impacts are:

Market opportunities

Increase the visibility of manufacturers/suppliers/service providers (including SMEs) to its users by bringing these stakeholders together on a digital marketing platform with services that benefit all stakeholders.

Visibility for SMEs
The project will help EU SMEs to speed up market-readiness of their welding equipment prototypes in development and increase the visibility of EU TRL7 prototypes to global end-users and industry stakeholders.

Block chain for digital market impact
WeldGalaxy is the first project implementing blockchain for integration of the European welding industry in the Digital Single Market.

Reduced OEM production costs
The platform’s plug and produce facility together with its innovative services can reduce OEM production costs whilst increasing its productivity.

Enabling Innovation with disruptive technology

Delivering a digital collaborative product development and marketing platform integrated with emerging and disruptive technologies; digital KBE, blockchain/DLT and big data analytics.