A knowledge base platform for welding

Bringing together global buyers and EU sellers.
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A 'Plug & Produce' solution for digital manufacturing

Platform for equipment selection, compatibility and regulatory compliance.
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A platform for secure, transparent & trustworthy transactions

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Support 3rd party projects through open-innovation competitions

Funding projects for development of new welding equipment prototypes.
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Key Features


WeldGalaxy consortium has a mix of partners with complimentary expertise: welding technology, engineering knowledge analytics and modelling, web platform and databases, DLT and open call management.


WeldGalaxy will deliver a secure and scalable B2B online platform that connects global buyers with the EU sellers of welding equipments and consumables. The platform with its integrated KBE tool will provide innovative web based services.

Objectives & Impacts

WeldGalaxy aims to create a transparent digital B2B online platform that connects end-users with equipment and consumables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and technology and service providers.

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